A great 2014 reunion!

fipahi_fromtheair_sml_0The weekend of June 20-22, 2014 will be remembered by Fisher grads as a fantastic reunion!  We had amazing music, great food, a wonderful dance, and many events that created an atmosphere of coming home to Ottawa and our high school.

So many grads and school attendees came by to see everyone in the decade rooms, the beer tent, the auditorium, and other locales that created a spirit of the high school that once was.  The head girl from 1949 Lois Peevers (Nuth) gave a speech thanking the volunteers and staff that tirelessly worked to make this reunion a success.

We had students and teachers from across 4 decades of the 20th century in attendance, reminiscing, having fun, dancing, and generally enjoying their time with long unseen friends and co-students.   The incredible custodial staff at the school ensured the site remained pristine for all involved.   The bands playing in the tent covered the gamut of songs and tunes from the 1950’s to the 2000’s and beyond, without concern.

The mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, even visited our reunion.  Jim has driven positive change in infrastructure, transportation, and overall upkeep of the Ottawa area and school system – unlike Alex Cullen who in 1986 voted against keeping Fisher open as a high school after promising students that he would vote to save Fisher from being closed.  Mr. Cullen if you are reading this don’t bother taking legal action – we have hundreds of grads who heard you say you would support us, and then you did not.  Behaviour you repeated with the Calgary accord, eh?

Mayor of Ottawa visits the Reunion

Who cares about politics (well obviously other than our excellent Mayor!) – we had a great reunion and enjoyed seeing our friends and family!