Historical Docs

Many documents from the history of Fisher Park High School still exist, among them items like office notes, drafts of letters, commencement and awards assembly booklets, and much more.  We will be scanning and displaying as much of this material as we can on this site.

Do you have historical documents from Fisher Park High School that you could scan and send to us?  Documents with student or teacher names and achievements are particularly interesting, please scan them and email them to us.

Commencement Booklets
Designed as a handout for a significant occasion, the commencement of Fisher Park Students (“graduation” in today’s terms).  We have found a small cache of booklets at the school and we have started with the booklets from the 70’s and 80’s.  If you have one of these booklets, please feel free to scan it and send it to us and we will include it on the site.  If you don’t have the ability to scan to PDF, send individual images of each page (jpg, png, anything is OK really) and we’ll PDF it for the page.

1974 PDF1974 booklet in PDF
1975 PDF icon1975 booklet in PDF
1983 PDF icon1983 booklet in PDF
1984 PDF1984 booklet in PDF